Natural Disasters, like flooding, fires, drought, and blizzards, can cause food prices to rise, and even disrupt distribution of food and services.  In order to decrease their overhead costs, local grocery stores do not have on-site storage of extra food.  Many receive resupply shipments daily to keep their shelves stocked.  If a disaster, whether natural or man-made, hits close to home, you may need to evacuate or shelter in place.  Even if disaster strikes and doesn't affect you directly, if it disrupts the transportation and distribution of food for more than a couple of days, the grocery stores will likely be empty in a hurry.  Therefore, FEMA recommends that you have enough non-perishable food stored to last three days.

In our Food Department, we carry shelf-stable food to put in your evacuation kits, and to start, develop, or supplement your long-term food storage.


Product Categories in our Food Department include:

Prepared Meals in Large (#10) Cans

Freeze-Dried food in #10 Cans, Pantry Cans, and Mylar Envelopes

Prepared Meals in Backpacking Mylar Envelopes

Prepared Marine (Cube) Packs

Bulk Storage (Buckets)

Empty Mylar Bags

Oxygen Removal Packs

Heirloom Seeds

Manual Kitchen Tools


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